Vanquis Credit Card Payment Review

Credit card payment

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You should consider the Vanquis credit card, especially if you live in the UK. It is the credit card issued by Vanquis Bank, which is a division of Provident Financial, one of the most popular financial institutions you can ever come across today. As what happens with most credit cards, it is necessary for you to have a good credit rating in order to get approved. But in the case of the Vanquis credit card, you do not need to show any credit rating before you can be issued. The card is also good because it makes it possible for you to repair and improve your credit rating.

If you need the Vanquis credit card, you can easily submit an application through the internet or any branch of the bank. However, it is necessary to be aware of the charges because that is what most people fail to do when applying for credit cards. In the case of Vanquis credit card, the Annual Payment Rate or APR is 39.9%, which is a bit higher than what is usually paid by people using many other credit cards. But the advantage is that it is very easy to get approval for it.

Vanquis Credit Card

Vanquis Credit Card

There are also some other good things about the Vanquis credit card. For instance, there is a limit of 56 days in which the bank does not charge any interest, in addition to paying for usage of the card every year, which is still what is common with many credit cards today. The opportunity of getting Vanquis credit card with a bad credit rating is one of the biggest advantages that make people go for it. However, if you need a credit card for major purchases like expensive jewelry, high-end gadgets or for holiday, the credit cards should not be used.

Of course, credit score improvement is one of the majority things for which people get the Vanquis credit card. You should still make every effort to bring down the APR of 39.9% to a figure which will still be affordable for you. You need to make efforts to do this as you make your payments on a timely basis because the high APR means that the bank is carrying a lot of risks by issuing you the card. With prompt payment, you will be making the bank know that you’re not a high-risk customer, which can make you to have the long-term benefit from the use of the services provided.

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