TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment

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TJ Maxx Credit Card is issued by JP Morgan Chase. The card is also known as TJX credit card. Just like other retailers’ credit cards, you can earn points and then redeem at TJ Maxx stores.

Applying for TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment, you will need to provide some personal information including income. Applying for second card require no extra expense.

One of the best thing about this credit card is the interest rate is quite low in comparison to others credit cards. If you are familiar with credit cards issued by GE Money, you will know that card holders will have to bear high interest rate, from 23.99% to 2.99%. However, the range of TJ Maxx Credit Card’s APR is from 12.24% to 19.24%, depends on your creditworthiness. When you make a late payment, the penalty rate of 23.99% can be applied.

Using TJ Maxx Credit Card, you will also be eligible to receive the special offers and rewards provided by the retailer. For each dollars you spend at TJ Maxx stores, you will get 5 points. When you get 1000 points, you can exchange the accumulated points for $10. So for $200 dolars spent, you will get $10 back. It’s a 5% saving, not too bad, right?

With the logo of MasterCard on the card, you can use the card almost everywhere around the world and have access to MasterCards services such as ATM, online access. Generally, TJ Maxx credit card is a good credit card.

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