Qantas Credit Cards

Qantas Credit Cards

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Qantas is the biggest airline in Australia and if you have to take flight usually, getting Qantas credit card is a good option to save money and earn rewards. Different from other credit cards you may have seen, there are quite many issuer of Qantas credit cards. You will see HSBC Qantas credit card, NAB Qantas credit cards, Woolworths Qantas credit card and their features are not the same. In this post, we will discover the features of Qantas credit card and find out is it worth to apply for a card.
If you go for HSBC Premium Qantas credit cards, you will get quite a lot of bonuses. For example, each $1 you spend on eligible purchasing places oversea will get you 2 Qantas frequent flyer points. For every $1 you spend inside Australia, the bonus point will be reduced to 1. HSBC also encourage the card holder to pay the full balance by the due date buy offering 55 days with 0% interest when you do so. The customer service provided by this card issuer is very good too.

If you want to get more options, you should consider NAB cards. There are three types: the normal card, the gold card and the platinum card. The biggest difference between those cards is how fast can you earn the reward points. There is no info available on the point rewarding system of NAB Qantas credit cards. So it is recommended to call them to find out about the details about this matter.

The last Qantas credit card I want to mention today is the Woolworths Qantas Credit Card. The benefit of using this card is quite similar to the two above. First of all, you will get 1 point for every $1 you spend. With the points you earned, you can redeem for accommodation, commodity in more than 700 destinations around the world. Woolworths Qantas credit card also has common features like the HSBC premiums cards as you can earn 55 days without interest rate if you make the full payment by the due date. For the first year, you don’t need to pay for the annual fee but it will be $89 for next years. I don’t think many people will like this. There is one special offer for Woolworths Qantas credit card. If you register before 31 Dec of this year, you will get 5000 reward points to your account.

Basically, all Qantas credit card have some good features. Make sure to call the agent of each issuer to make every points clear before you apply for the card.

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