Orchard Bank Credit Card Payment

Orchard Bank Credit Card

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If you are looking for applying for an orchard bank credit card payment, you will need to read this post. There are many things that you may not know about this credit card. As the market is now filled with credit card providers, you may feel overwhelmed to choose one. Don’t worry about that, after reading this post, you will know whether orchard bank credit card is right for you and should you apply to get this card.

orchard bank credit card payment

Orchard bank credit card

One of the biggest benefits (or the biggest benefit) of Orchard bank credit card payment is you can use the card to built the credit. As Orchard bank reports payments and use to the tree major credit reporting bureaus. This feature allows the cardholders to show their creditworthiness.
Another advantage of Orchard bank credit card is the accessibility. You can use the card everywhere for any kind of payment as it has the logo of MasterCard on it. That means where MasterCard is accepted, Orchard bank credit card payment is accepted.

While having some good advantages, Orchard bank credit card is reported to have an annoying disadvantage. That is the fact that they hold the money in the account for an excessive amount of time. They have the policy to hold the payments up to 14 days after the payment to your Orchard account is cleared. For some people, this can be consider a real nuisance as that means your payments will be hold for 14 days (if you need to use that amount to pay for goods, services and bills.) The situation will get worse when you get the penalty for late payments.

In conclusion, if you want to build your credit, Orchard bank credit card is a good choice. However, before going for this service, you must know that it is unlikely for you to apply for other credit cards once you get the card for Orchard bank. In addition, the 14 days hold of your money should be noticed too. If you rely on the money on your Orchard bank credit card, don’t go for it. There are quite many good offers out there.

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