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The Loft credit card is the type of credit card that you should consider getting if you’re looking for a lot of benefits at little or no cost. Many people have many financial problems because they do not take the necessary steps in choosing the correct credit card. They are easily deceived into thinking that they have a lot to gain, without knowing that everything comes at a high cost, which will lead to a lot of credit card debt.

These are some of the benefits of the Loft credit card:

1. If you buy things from any online or local Ann store, you’re going to get 5 points for every dollar spent. This gives you the opportunity to get about $20 for every 2000 points earned.

2. During the month of your birthday, the issuing company gives you $15 discount from whatever you buy.

3. There is a special discount of 10% off purchases made on the first Tuesday of the month.

4. There is no annual fee. This is a very good thing because it is one of the most important factors to consider when getting a credit card. This is a very good way of not having any credit card debt.

5. If you make an in-store application, you are entitled to 15% discount on the things you buy from any Ann Taylor or Loft store on a particular day.

6. You are given an online account through which to manage your Loft credit card. This enables you to have your statements viewed and know the situation of things. You can even print the statement out for other uses. That is not all – the Loft credit card online access also enables you to add authorized buyers to your account.

7. You can make a request for an increase in credit limit, especially if your monthly needs are increasing.

The Loft credit card is a very good thing that will help you to get most of the things you want as there are many products on sale through Ann Taylor store. The company also organizes different promotions during certain periods of the year. It is a very good opportunity of getting more from your credit card for less. When you’re buying anything from the store, you will always be met by friendly and helpful salespeople who are ready to attend to you, and even give you different ideas on the products that are good for you.

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