Kmart Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment

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Many people don’t know about Kmart and its huge store chain. The fact is, though they are not very well known as their competitors, Kmart stand as the third biggest retailer in the world. The good thing is when you find Kmart, you will not go anywhere else. The reason is quite simple because they usually offer very good discount deals (partly thanks to saving on advertising fee). That’s why you are searching for a way to get Kmart credit card, right?

Actually, there is no Kmart credit card available. The reason is since Kmart acquired Sears, they use the Sears credit card only. So, a Sears credit card will work well at both Sears and Kmart stores.

Sears credit card facts and features

kmart credit card

kmart credit card

While offering quite good deals on goods prices, Kmart/Sears credit card is not very attractive with their fees and APR. While many of us find anything above 19% APR is high, you will see that Sears credit card applies a sky high 25.24% APR. In addition to a high APR, using Sears credit card doesn’t bring you chances to earn points for redemption as you see in other cards such as GAPÂ….

While there are quite many points make Sears credit card a poor choice for many of us, the ease of access make it more attractive to people with poor credit score. It is quite simple for anyone to apply to get a Sears credit card, even if you have low credit score. However, remember to use this credit card properly, you don’t want to have a lot of late payment as the penalty fee is really high.

You can now apply for 4 types of Sears cards. They are Sears card, Sears master card, Sears commercial one card and Sears home improvement account. Each type of card give you different benefits. Apply for the first one is the simplest as you can apply online. The other three require you to either go to store or filling paper form. If you are looking to get points and coupons, the Sears Master Card is a good choice. To start apply for a Sears credit card, you can go here

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