ICICI Credit Card Online Payment

Credit card payment

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ICICI bank offers some good benefits to the credit card holders. As the owner, you will receive some good benefits from ICICI credit card. In this post, we will discover the benefits, the disadvantages and some facts about ICICI credit card payment.

We will talk about the benefits of using ICICI credit card first. First of all, all the holders will receive the conveinience of buying. You can make the payment online through the Internet banking feature. Internet banking is good as you can access the account and make payment everywhere in the world. However, that’s not the only payment method that ICICI bank offers to the card holder. You can have other payment options such as cash, cheque and phone too. You will receive the report on your balance through email and SMS.

For many people, keep the spending under control is really needed as they can easily burn a lot of money in a very short time. ICICI credit card allow you to set a limit so you will never cross that border. You will find this option will save you a lot of stress when you see the annoucement at the end of each month.

One more good thing about ICICI credit card payment is the customer services. You can access the help 24 hours a day, even in holiday.

The fee of using ICICI credit card can be found here.
However, not all people get the same fee. When you apply for a credit card, they will classify the types of customers and apply different fees and rate base on each individual.

Make online payment with ICICI credit card

Making online payment with ICICI credit card is quite simple. You will have have two options, to use Netbanking or use a debit card. The online payment process can be started here

In conclusion, ICICI credit card is a good card, many people have great experience with it. However, I still hear some complains. That’s the nature of business. You need to try it to find out yourself. My opinion is this card worth your try.

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