Halifax Credit Card Payment Review

Credit card payment

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A credit card has become a very important part of the daily activities of many people today. It enables you to carry out different transactions without the need to carry out cash up and down. You can easily make purchases through the Internet or any local store, and you will have the transaction completed within minutes. The Halifax Credit Card is one of the cards with very good features that many people are using today. Many cards you find in the market come with a lot of charges and conditions that make life difficult for you. This is not the case with the Halifax Credit Card.

There are many features of Halifax Credit Card, and these are some of them:

1. The credit card gives you a grace period of 9 months, and the interest rate at 0% for the purchases by you, and a 9-month period with 0% interest rate on balance transferred.

2. Though there are varieties of Halifax Credit Card, the one with APR of 9.8% is one of the lowest in the industry, but with a balance transfer fee of just 3%. For instance, to transfer a credit card debt balance of 2000 pounds, you need to pay 60 pounds as the transfer fee, an amount that is not too high if you are to consider all the benefits involved. However, the total amount of any transfer that you can make cannot be more than 3000 pounds.

3. If you are provided with the Halifax All In One Credit Card, you may not benefit from the introductory period on purchases and balance transfers.

4. With the Halifax Plus Card, you would be provided balance transfer of 13 months 0% with an administration fee of just 3%. The typical APR is also at 16.9% with 3 months 0% on all purchases made by you.

The major factor that prevents people from buying their own home, car or get involved in many other expenses is that they are not able to cope with personal debts, as they have always been slammed with high interest rates on their credit cards. This is why you need the Halifax Credit Card because it is possible for you to consolidate all your payments to have a good credit card debt consolidation. However, if you are already battling with high personal debts from other credit cards that you have owned, it is the necessary to talk to your financial advisor to know how to correctly manage your new Halifax Credit Card.

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