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Fortune Gold Card is one of the credit cards that you can easily use in different parts of the world to make purchases. The use of the card is not restricted to local stores. One thing that many people enjoy from this card is the ability to do online shopping on any website, even if the vendor is based in a different country. For this reason, it has become one of the most popular credit cards in India.

If you need a Fortune Gold Card, you only need to consider the different types available on the Fortune category. Each of the cards is available for different people depending on your income level. At the same time, each one has different conditions, meaning that each should be considered separately before submitting your application. These are some of the ones available today:

1. Kotak Trump Gold Card – this is the credit card designed specifically for employees who depend on a monthly salary. This means that they have a fixed income, and the credit card has the features and benefits that meet their needs. Some of the benefits are:

A cash back of 10% in many restaurants
Fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5%
The cash back of 10% on plays and movies
Free for life

2. Kotak Fortune Gold Credit Card – this is the type of Fortune Gold Card that is designed specifically for business owners. These are some of the benefits of having this credit card:

Cash withdrawals with interest
Low charges
Fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5%
Zero charge EMI
Balance transfer at 0%

For many of the Fortune Gold Card available, there are strict conditions that must be met. These are general ones:

a. The applicant must be between 21 and 65 years old.
b. You must be resident in India. There are also some issuing companies that require you to be resident in a particular state before the credit card is approved.
c. You must have a determined minimum income. For this reason, there are many of them for people of different income groups.

The Fortune Gold Card is a very good thing that should be considered because you’re always protected in case of any unauthorized transaction. This is a very good thing that is available today, and not restricted to the developed world like the US and Canada. Therefore, you should consider getting one today.

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