Axis Bank Credit Card Payment

Axis Bank Credit Card

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If you need a credit card, you should consider the ones issued by Axis Bank. The Axis Bank credit card is in varieties like Silver Classic Credit Card, Gold Classic, Silver Plus and Gold Plus Card. Axis Bank also issues some special-purpose credit cards like Travel Currency Card, Remittance card and Gift card. The bank also issues standard credit cards, which give you different types of free insurance covers, in addition to a 24/7 customer service.

Many people love the Axis Bank credit card because you can get the type you want for whatever you want to do. For instance, you can be issued Titanium Smart Traveler Credit Card or Signature Credit Card if you want to travel. Those credit cards are specifically designed for travelers; therefore, you’re going to have a lot to benefits if you use them for that purpose, and it is always a good thing to ask for other types of cards issued when applying for a particular Axis Bank credit card.

Axis Bank Credit Card

Axis Bank Credit Card

Generally, these are some of the features of a typical Axis Bank credit card:

  • 1. You are entitled to 2.5% savings on what you spend on fuel and the offer is made available in all the gas stations in India if you make a minimum transaction of Rs. 400, while a maximum transaction value of Rs. 4000 may also apply.
  • 2. Axis Bank credit card provides a rewards program to compensate you for what you spend on domestic and international transactions. For every Rs. 100 that you spend domestically, you will be entitled to 1 point; while if you spend Rs. 100 on international transactions, you will have 2 points. After having accumulated about 1000 points, you can redeem them to collect gift vouchers.
  • 3. To increase the value for money of the users of Axis Bank credit card, the contracts may come with some insurance covers, which can help to reduce your expenses in other areas. This is always applicable to the Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card.

In the past, huge credit card debt has made many companies to face financial problems from which they found it very difficult to recover. For this reason, application for the Axis Bank credit card requires you to submit a lot of documents as evidence of your ability to pay for your purchases, including the fees. Therefore, if you are an Indian citizen, make sure you really need the Axis Bank credit card for which you are applying.

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