Air Miles Credit Card

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The air miles credit card should be your choice if you’re looking for a good credit card that brings a lot of savings when travelling. The card is offered by many banks and airlines, with a special focus on the services rendered by such airlines. You will be provided different discounts which apply to the air miles, which can be a good thing to take advantage of in travelling to different destinations for business or pleasure. When the air miles credit card is issued by a bank, you can use it on different airlines which are participating under the program of the bank.

The air miles credit card is going to give you reward of at least a point or mile for every dollar spent on the things you buy with the credit card. Some of them provide miles or extra points on specially offers or certain points or miles for special purchases made during that period of the year. You can also have the points on a monthly basis if you have a good standing with the issuing company.

The annual interest rate that you’re going to be subjected to with the air miles credit card will depend on the level of usage of the card. There are some issuing companies that can charge you some fees immediately the introductory period ends. This means that during the introductory period, you’re not going to pay any fees. All these things are in place to encourage people to submit applications for the air miles credit card.

You can get your air miles credit card in platinum version or in standard version. With the standard version, there are restrictions as to the amount you can spend in a month but you will always enjoy low interest rates. This is the type that is good for low or middle-income earning people. With the platinum version, there is always no restriction as to what you can spend in a month, but at higher costs in terms of higher interest rates. This is ideal for businessmen or high-income earning people.

It is always a good idea to stick to a particular air miles credit card so as to have a good amount of points accumulated. This is a very good way of having enough points to be redeemed at the end of the month or year, providing you a lot of benefits, including cash.

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